Like many of you, back in March I worked a regular 9-5 job. I had a routine that I was loyal to . But with the ongoing threat of the COVID-19, my daily work routine ended. This included my diet. Surely but steadily, I was getting more and more dehydrated through out the day. I didn’t understand why until I remembered that I’m not routinely drinking water when I used to.

Now that I started a business and work from home, I’m rebuilding my daily routines. This includes upping my water intake so it’s back at the recommended 64 ounces a day. For all the water cooler dwellers now dying of thirst, here’s 3 tips to help prevent you from dehydration.

Me with my favourite water bottle. 28 oz, and stainless steel so my water stays refreshing.
  1. Water Bottles are Essential
    What’s better, someone telling you to drink 8 glasses of water a day, or between 3-4 water bottles a day? It is so much easier to hit you water goal with bottles for many reasons. You’re not refilling your glass every hour. It’s portable. Less opportunities for mess. Most importantly, having a water bottle goes along with your daily routine a lot better. Think about it. If you have bottle of water with all your meals, then you only need to drink one more throughout your workday. That’s so do-able!

    Make sure your water bottle can hold at least 16 oz, but it’s easy to find ones that are 28 or even 32 oz. Try to buy two or three so you can have them on hand for tip #3. If you’re on a budget or there’s a shortage of water bottles, you can use mason jars. If you have water bottles at home but they’re different sizes, measure out how much water they can hold and add it up. Make sure the total is approximately your intake goal.

  2. Computer Buddy
    Once I have my water bottle ready, I place it right next to my computer. Why is that? While I’m in the deep throes of working, I tend to forget everything but the task at hand. So when I put my water bottle next to my screen, it’s always in my periphery. It’s an easy reminder for me to be like “Oh yeah, I’m thirsty”. If you don’t work around a computer, place your water bottle in an area that you look at often, but isn’t in the way of your work.

  3. Make it as Easy as Possible
    If you’re someone who hates drinking water, this tip is for you. Do whatever you can to cut reasons to not drink water. For example, I hate drinking lukewarm water. I know that I will never drink from my bottle if the water doesn’t taste refreshing. Which is why in the evenings, I will prepare my water bottles and refrigerate overnight. When I grab them the next day, it’s cold and delicious.

    What if you don’t like the taste of water? Then you are exactly like my mother. She despises drinking water because she doesn’t like the taste. What she does is buy water flavour packs (think Crystal Light), and shakes them up in her drink. If you’re not into artificial flavours or added sugar, infuse your water with fruit and herbs. Pinterest is an excellent place to find different flavour combinations.

    Whatever your barrier for drinking water is, try to find a solution. Unless you live in an area where the water is dangerous to drink, there’s no reason you can’t drink water daily.

    I hope you found these tips helpful! Let me know in the comments which tip works for you!

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