In this time of quarantine, a lot of us have been turning to crafts. As someone who is a habitual crafter, I taught myself how to crochet. For my Mother, she used to knit and sew all the time, but once she had kids she couldn’t find the time. With her children moved out and her business closed, she’s turned back to quilting. It seems like with all the uncertainty and free time on our laps, the makers in us have no choice to create.

This little black beanie was one of the first things I made during self-isolation

So what does being a crafter have to do with the workplace?

EVERYTHING! While you were learning a new hobby, you were gaining skills that you can apply to your professional life! So not only do you have a knick-knack, but you also have a new tool in your arsenal when trying to sell yourself online. Here you will find how you can identify those skills, and how you can market them to your audience.

Identify the skills you’ve gained:
You might still be wondering how your new creative past time relates to your current job or business. Using knitting as an example, take a moment and think about what you do while you’re knitting. Before you begin, you pick out what yarn you want to work with. You consider everything from how soft it is to size and colour. Now think about the process of picking out yarn. You need to find the right balance between what looks great and cost-efficient. From that one step, you’ve shown that you’re a decision-maker, you’re creative, and you can manage a budget.

Go ahead and list all the steps involved with your craft. Next to each step, write down 3-5 skills gained from performing that step. If you need help with creating a list, click here for my 5 tips on list-making.

Marketing your new skills:
Now that you know what skills you’ve gained or improved on, how can you apply that to your everyday life? It can depend on the situation. If you’re unemployed or up for a promotion, level up your resume and LinkedIn to include those skills. If you’re a freelancer, mention those skills on your website. Or make an Instagram post with your new craft exclaiming how it strengthens your skills.

One of the ways I have sold my skills through crafts was in a job interview. A common interview question is “What are your hobbies?” or “What do you do in your spare time?”. When asked, I answered with “I quilt because it satisfies my detail-oriented nature. It has also helped with my project management as I often making baby quilts to the mothers in my life.” I ended up receiving a job offer the next day.

Now you have a great break room activity to boot

I’m not saying that you’re a whole new person because you can weave a wall hanging, or can build a bookshelf. In my area, the pandemic restrictions are loosening, making people head back to work. You could worry that you’ve accomplished nothing productive. But the truth is, you were productive. Not only do you have a fabulous creation, but you also worked upon skills that will improve all aspects of your life.Please let me know in the comments if you’re a Corona Crafter, and what you have made at home in the comments below.

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